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Multi-Focal contact lenses… ideal for any distance

Bausch & Lomb Multi-Focal contact lenses seamlessly adjust your vision from reading to distance and everywhere in-between.

These contact lenses are ideal for business, leisure and those leading an active lifestyle… including sports. The lens will help you see at any distance without tilting your head so you can focus on the things you are doing, naturally.

The PureVision® Multi-Focal contact lens design delivers exceptional quality of vision. They are designed to resist protein and debris buildup, keeping your lenses clean and comfortable all day long.

Attend a Multi-Focal evening on Wednesday, June 9th, (from 6 – 9 pm) at Yonge Vision, and see for yourself how these contact lenses will work for you. Call 416-932-9086 to book your appointment today.

At Yonge Vision, opticians Michelle Axler and Isaac Abenhaim are committed to combining how well you see with how well you look. Visit to discover your new look. 

Yonge Vision • www.YongeVision.com
1881 Yonge St. | 416.932.9086

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