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More colours than ever before from Benjamin Moore 

Benjamin Moore already has the most extensive selection of colours—some 3,000-plus. But, that has not stopped the revered paint company from developing an all-new palette of 240 exceptional, eye-candy hues that it has named Colour Stories now available at your local Benjamin Moore store, West Toronto Paint & Wallpaper.

These colours have a greater clarity, purity and are richer than conventional colours because they are formulated with more pigments in very precise, exacting amounts. Jacqueline Houghten, Interior Designer at West Toronto Paint is excited to bring this colour palate to her clients. “Warm grey’s and watery blue hue’s are translated beautifully in the colour stories collection and it allows a larger selection of those colours my clients are looking for.” Jaqueline does in-home colour and décor consultations—advising on colour, furniture place-ment, and recommending accents such as art, mirrors and lighting.

The story keeps getting better: Unlike other pigments or colourants, Benjamin Moore’s are zero-VOC. Uniquely, the company makes its own colourants and assures this standard is upheld.
“The Junction residents are responding really well to colour stories and the colours truly are special” says Houghten. Each Colour Stories colour is much like a secret recipe. Only select authorized Benjamin Moore retailers will be equipped to mix them and, without knowing the correct colourant ratios, these hues are impossible to duplicate. “The retailers who take on Colour Stories will really qualify as paint mixologists, because the process requires such infallible accuracy,” said Ray Gomez, Benjamin Moore’s director of colour marketing.

Visit West Toronto Paint & Wallpaper today, check out the brand new Colour Stories palate and get expert advice you won’t find anywhere else.

West Toronto Paint & Wallpaper www.WestTorontoPaint.ca
2975 Dundas St. W. | 416.767.5171

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